5,684 Corrupt Catz for you feline addicts, on the Solana network.

Cat Lovers Unite! We brought the crew together to bring our favorite furry friends to the Solana community. And of course, we’ve put our own (degenerate) spin on these kitties. You’ll be spoilt for choice with 5,684 unique Corrupt Catz pretending they don’t want your attention!

As cat owners, we jump on any opportunity to help protect, safeguard, and support feline communities. That’s why every mint you make takes us a step closer to providing monetary support to non-profits and charities of your choosing.

Ready to show the world what Catz are made of?


Special edition Corrupt Catz released daily

trait rarity




ultra rare


Rectangle 412


Phase 1: Launch

• NFT drop calendar listings
• Paid advertising, promotions & giveaways
• Press releases
• Partnership & collaborations
We'll also be releasing our full trait artwork & rarity mix!

Phase 2: Mint

OPEN MINT: October 8, 5:00 PM UTC, 2 SOL.
We'll be listing exclusively on Solsea for the first 6 hours after we mint.

We will also list on other secondary marketplaces (Solanart, Digital Eyes & Magic Eden).
We aim to redistribute 50% of royalties to running costs, collaborations & partnerships, 20% to charities and 30% to our NFT holders. (*This is subject to change with team discretion & community votes.)

Phase 3: Breeding

We'll be allowing Corrupt Catz holders to breed a Corrupt Kitten.

Holders will need at least 2 Corrupt Catz NFTs to be able to breed
Corrupt Kittens. This will be a 2nd generation NFT with all new traits and special features.

Phase 4: Future

Our team is dedicated to helping out feline friends. That means onboarding charities to receive crypto donations & exploring NFTs as adoption, incentives for cat rescue & to reduce the complexity of ownership transfer.



Design & Art


Project Lead


Lead Developer


Video & Graphic Design


Growth & Community


Marketing & Community